Stolen credit card spree after break-in in Tamworth

POLICE are searching for two men and a woman believed to be behind a fraudulent credit card ring that has hit several local businesses in Tamworth.
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It all stemmed from a break and enter to a home in West Tamworth last Saturday, sometime between 10am and 2.30pm.

It’s believed the trio stole two credit cards as well as a black handbag and mobile phone and the crimes spiraled from there.

Sometime after the break-in, the credit cards were used to buy a large amount of goods including alcohol and cigarettes from several shops.

Oxley Target Action Group Sergeant Geoff Sharpe said the victim was only made aware the cards were missing the day after the break-in and that’s when she notified police.

“A couple of transactions were able to identify the local businesses and we’re also in the process of making contact to the others and obtaining information and evidence,” Sergeant Sharpe said.

“The businesses were more than happy to help us in the investigation in regards to certain transactions.”

Robert Street IGA was just one of the businesses hit.

Last Saturday there was a transaction about 6pm for $849 that was paid for by a credit card.

Manager Peter Sheridan said staff checked the transaction twice.

“We had a staff member check the signature on the card to the docket and then a supervisor also checked it and the signature matched the docket perfectly,” Mr Sheridan told The Northern Daily Leader.

“We reviewed the surveillance footage on the Monday after it happened when we noticed something was up, so we were able to give police a description.”

“But the two people were both wearing caps so we couldn’t see their faces, so we could only give police a good description of what they were wearing.”

It was the second time in a week that the locally-owned supermarket was hit by suspected stolen credit cards.

On May 6, unknown offenders struck, matching a similar description to the wanted men.

“There was a wave and pay card which you can use for transactions under $100 and we noticed after there were four transactions under $100,” Mr Sheridan said.

“Obviously when the second card offence happened, it sort of looked like a gang was involved and the CCTV shows very similar looking people.”

The offences have been reported to police.

Mr Sheridan says there’s no second guessing at the supermarket now.

“What we’re doing now is putting staff on high alert for any big amounts, any big transactions,” Mr Sheridan said.

Officers attached to the Oxley Target Action Group are leading the investigation in relation to the credit cards stolen last Saturday.

Police are searching for two men and a woman believed to be behind a fraudulent credit card ring that has hit several local businesses in Tamworth.

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Shoddy treatment: AG’s promise broken

IN AUGUST, 2012 when Attorney-General Greg Smith came to town and spoke at the law and order meeting, I was vocal then of the contempt with which he treated Tamworth and its people.
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He’d spent 20 minutes telling us how he had rid parts of Sydney of graffiti and how Sydney was doing this and that.

I told Mr Smith then that he was here to listen to the crime problems that Tamworth was having and that the people who had suffered from home invasions and assaults were not interested in what he had achieved in Sydney.

This was met by much humph and hoo-ha from Mr Smith, who then promptly promised Tamworth $50,000 to help with eradicating crime in the city.

At the time I believed it was a false promise and I have been proven right.

First we were told that we needed a crime prevention paper, so the council went ahead and prepared one.

Then we were told we must make a submission to the Attorney-General’s Department, prioritising what we wanted the money for.

Again the law and order committee did this. It was returned rejected because it did not fall into the priorities of crime that the Attorney-General had in mind.

The committee then submitted a new proposal and we were told it is too late and there is no money left for this year. We were also told there was a cut-off date.

At no time was a time set for submissions to be in.

I believe that this action by the Attorney-General and his department shows the contempt he holds for Tamworth and its people.

His appearance at Tamworth in August last year was performed begrudgingly and his care for the problems of Tamworth have showed through with his response.



This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.